“Imparting an authentic faith to your family, by knowing what you believe and why you believe it, is one of the most critical needs of our time.”
Josh and Sean McDowell


Know Why You Believe!

Pass on What You’ve Experienced!

What defines the Christian faith?

What does it really mean to be a true follower of Christ?

What are the core beliefs making a Christian a true disciple of Jesus?

Will your children embrace the true faith of their parents?

Most Christians can’t answer those questions. And without a clear understanding of what Christianity is, we will struggle to both live out our faith and pass it on to our families and the world around us. Perhaps this reality is what is behind the alarming statistics that shows that most of our teens professing to be Christians will walk away from the church after they leave home and never return to their faith.

Yet that wasn’t the case with the early church. By the second century those who called themselves Christians had a clear understanding of who they were, why they were here, and where they were going. In fact, over a period of 200 years the church went from some 25,000 Christ followers in AD 100 to 20 million by AD 300. That is an increase of 800 times! They knew something about passing on the true faith to their families.

In The Unshakable Truth, Josh and Sean identify the twelve core truths that defined the vibrant faith of third century Christians.

All twelve truths of the book have four chapters as a 4-part process to discover what the truth is, why it’s true, how it is relevant, and how to live it out. Josh and Sean have structured the book that way to help each truth come alive to your life.

“This is the most incredible comprehensive

handbook to learn and absorb

the truth of the Christian faith.”

James Burns, PhD - President HomeWord

Unshakable Truth
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Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell present: